ABC OF TECHNOLOGY BOOK | Author & Publisher Jason Hughes & April Sanders

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Iconic Early Board Book from the Author & Publisher Jason L Huges & April M Sanders

Come join us on our magical adventure to learn ABCs and technology!


Book signing, taking place in Houston, Texas, and Live online on Friday, July 30th, Saturday, July 31st, and August 1st.

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I liked how the book is geared towards teaching children their ABCs while also educating them on technology. I enjoyed how the illustrations go with the definitions. A+ Techucation is a different way to explore the terminology that goes along with technology. I liked how the book breaks down what the words mean. I do feel some elderly who have never had computers in the past would benefit from the book, not just children. It would provide a simple explanation of how things work that the young and the old would appreciate. I enjoyed the simplicity of the book. There really isn’t anything to dislike about the book. 

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. It appears to be professionally edited and contains no errors. It is a unique way to learn the alphabet and about technology. I feel the authors did an excellent job writing this book. They made it educational in a fun way. I would be interested in reading other books by these authors. Overall, I found it worth taking the time to read.


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Very helpful! Go on this marvelous Adventure with Mr. A+ has been massively enlightening as well as fun for me and my son. Learning the ABC of technology has not only put things into perspective for me but also made things easier to explain to my child so introducing him to a computer will be so much easier when he is older, it has also broken down important information I need to be aware of as an adult into its easiest form. Even though I have been building quite a collection of children’s books since I gave birth to my first child, it’s always a delight to discover another to add. This book fits perfectly into the cute little hands of my six-year-old little guy and it has been an absolute godsend.


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